About Androgyne

The forms appearing in the series “Androgyne” ( the search for unity of the two oposities, male and female) not only relate to external reality, the world beyond human, but are also an attempt to diagnose my own ego.

This series tell about the incomplete man, suspended between presence and absence, about loss, desolation, failure and frustration. Androgyne tells about impossibility of a full, true, man to man understanding. They reveal a conflict between spirit and matter, love and sacrifice, desire and unsaturation. One of the major themes which returns in this series, is the theme of “Pieta”, the symbol of compassion.
Androgyne aptly expresses a central for my work idea of absence and abandonment. I wanted to show singleness, loneliness and express that, in the figure, the second figure is missing. Androgyny is evidence of incompleteness.

Clown symbolize sadness and irony is representing plain, game side of live . It is the person who can perhaps make many mistakes but still menage to get true.