About Transience

The biggest inspiration of my early art work is one of the most contemplated universal philosophical issues: transience.

“Transience” series tells about passing moment, line between death and life, weakness of human condition, changes of life and its mystery, the variability of life, from fetus to greybeard, from beauty to uglines. Everything is in movement. Heraclitus, a pre-Socratic philosopher, put this movement into words best when he said:

Everything flows and nothing stands still

Transience is an inherent feature of our lives. Time is passing, and our lives as well. Some things come to the end, another begins. On the world is the only permanent thing – change. By creating this series I wanted the viewers to stop for a moment in every day run after money and being famous. Make them not care so much about the coming time and their wealth and because year after year is passing, everyone should use the given time to enjoy the moment.